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She said about how did i get that into my jeans? My mother was not very open about this at all! Having comments about my bum or my small wisp of chest hair. I think it must be difficult for a son to deal with a new man in his mother's life and some allowances should be made. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. With the gaining of my adoptive daughter - no I do not still do that but only because she isn't my biological daughter. And what do you think about it? Aneechik Posts: 20, Forum Member. Archived discussions are usually a bit older and not as active as other community content. At 18, if this doesn't do any good, you might need to get him help. P Naked Mommy. Then to bed or get dressed again and go out. Some people are comfortable with nudity though - I personally find it a bit disrespectful to be in a state of undress at an inappropriate time. Puberty for guys is a nightmare.

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It is bewildering enought to imagine your w.. Angel-owl Posts: 10, Forum Member. She even can do it now when we became adults! Mongodude Posts: 6, Forum Member. It sucks. Of course it's not normal, in fact it sounds absolutely disgusting. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. I did get embaressed couple of times. I used to work with a guy who said all his family walked freely about the house naked he was in his mid twenties and so was his bro and his parents were in their 50s.

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What is weird is that he is partly covered up, if they were nudist's fair enough but if you are going to cover up do it properly. The only question is, how will it be handled? Have your say! At 18, if this doesn't do any good, you might need to get him help. Analogue Agent Posts: 1, Forum Member. LOL Maybe it would be different if we had girls especially with dh but I dont think it would with me. Johnny Cash Posts: 1, Forum Member. Speak-Softly Posts: 24, Forum Member. Might be worth asking the lad if he's uncomfortable now he's 9. My son aged 5 came in the bathroom while I was in the shower to wash his hands for dinner. I've got 4 children, aged 16 - 21 and I would be alarmed if any of them paraded around the house naked. Change Consent. Was it a sexual attraction? That's why, I guess, I don't have any problems with it. And saw her bite her lip.

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  • That's just me though.
  • However, I haven't been in that situation - and I doubt I ever will be.
  • I can't say that it did anything positive or negative for me back then
  • But I'd never say that the naked human body is 'wrong', or that it makes me uncomfortable.
  • Its very very messed up unless the person is not fully capable to do certain things without it being the outcome.
  • Why We Archive What to Expect has thousands of open discussions happening each day.

Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a question. Toggle navigation. Female First Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Naked in front of parents Swap stories and tips. Certainly nobody will ever find it strange if your spouse comes in and scrubs your back or helps shave your pubes. My mom was a great looking woman and as a teenager, quite frankly I was turned on by seeing her nude. As it happened, she enjoyed having me watch her and herself liked looking at me naked. Was it a sexual attraction? Sure it was. But it was real and not a fantasy and we both had fun with it. I would come out the bathroom in just towel and then dry off in bedroom and she sometimes saw. I did get embaressed couple of times.

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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Have your say! Join Forym Spy's first reader panel. I am asking this because when ex OH and I used to visit his parents, he would sit downstairs in his dressing gown with nothing on underneath and often his bits would be on show and they all behaved as this was completely normal. Nick skoufatos used to make me feel uncomfortable.

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Naked mom forum. When should children stop seeing their parents naked?

Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a question. Toggle navigation. Female First Forum Skip to content. Quick links. I've a problem with him and I need a suggestion from you, if you are patient I tell you briefly my story to let you understand better. At the age of 19 I got pregnant, I married with the father of my son but some few years we separated and divorced so I brought up my son alone since the age of 4, all turned out well and now he is a good young man and very devoted to me. The problem came out some months ago, an evening I was doing the wash and I found in the laundry basket one of my lacy thongs puckered and stiffly dry, then I found also one of my stay-up stockings with the lacy top in the same condition. I've always loved nice lingerie and stockings, I usually wear them and often also during the sex but at present I have no relationship so I could not explain what happened, the only man in the home is my son and a worrisome doubt came to me. A couple of days after I had a business dinner and got back home late, my son was sleeping I had a shower and was going to bed but my worrisome doubts were always strong Yolanthe cabau naked me, I went to laundry room to search the basket and this time I found a thong still sticky-wet with Naked mom forum. The next night I pretended to have a dinner again and went out, when I saw all the lights off and on only the one in his room on I came in carefully, I went up the stair and neared noiselessly his room. Naked mom forum door was ajar, I peeped into the room and saw my son on the bad giving himself a handjob before a thong of mine and a stay-up stocking, I was disconcerted but confirmed about all my doubts. Then I realized he was coming onto my thongs and I had to go away quickly not to be caught by him, I went carefully down the stair and out again to a bar and an hour after I came home like nothing happened. Have I to talk with him or Me and my girlfriend just broke up I to act as if nothing is happening?

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I think it is all about your comfort level and your child comfort level. It really depends on a few things. One is if the child is the same or opposite sex of you, also how comfortable either of you are with it, etc. My oldest DD is The next DD is 8. The 8 yr old would walk around naked all the time if I let her, and doesn't mind seeing me.

PhotoMomma wrote: How old do you think is too old for your child to see you naked? I didn't see my mom naked nearly as often, but nobody really cared if I did.

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