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How to live a positive and happy life

You owe it to yourself to explore and scratch away at the self-imposed boundaries of your own life, interests and passions and see where they take you. We all need to sleep. What you send out you tend to get back from the world and the people in it. Have a dope day! Write down a list of big dreams and little dreams, no matter how lame they may seem, and start pursuing them ALL like a damn cheetah with a rocketpack attached to it. Catastrophizing by assuming that the worst will happen. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side but that does not mean it's actually greener. Make a stress tool-kit. I feel positive, happy. This is what a lot of us do -- overanalyzing things from relationships to career and finances. Cookies make wikiHow better. Remember that you have a roof over your head, food to eat, air to breathe, and water to drink.

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When I am in what seems like a negative situation — maybe I have been lazy , made a mistake, failed or stumbled in some kind of way — then I like to ask myself questions like: What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation? A Anonymous Jul 26, We worry because we are scared. When you focus on positive living, you attempt to fix your focus on the positive aspects of your life. The internet is one helluva drug, especially when you throw Facebook likes, retweets and all other forms of social media into the mix. This is what a lot of us do -- overanalyzing things from relationships to career and finances. Ya definitely gotta try shit out and tweak from there. When you have something on the calendar-even if it's a month or a year down the road -- it gives you something to look forward to. No matter what you do for a living, the end goal -- really, the goal to life -- is to be happy.

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Instead, try to spend time with them in a group setting. It's ours. I too have been studying how to change my outlook, through teachers like Richard Boyatzis emotional intelligence and Shaun Achor positive psychology. How many days, months or years have passed by without us having really lived them? By doing so your fear of it will lessen and it will hurt less if you do get criticized. This site is a great reminder of the importance of attitude in life and how we should never stop working on ourselves, inside and out. If you can the other person can talk it out and get over it together, even better. And do you think this will lead to us being happier? Some criticism is helpful. You definitely can, George.

8 Tips for more positive living -

  • Photo by wjklos.
  • Have a dope day!
  • Try using a mantra, such as, "Good things are coming my way.
  • The only constant in life is change.

One of the very first things I started to work on consciously with my own personal development was to improve my outlook on life. But also so I could stay positive and constructive even during tough times and keep working towards something better. Bonus: Download a free step-by-step checklist that will show you how to stay positive including 3 bonus steps that are not in this post. When I am in what seems like a negative situation — maybe I have been lazy , made a mistake, failed or stumbled in some kind of way — then I like to ask myself questions like:. Doing so is a whole lot better than what I used to do in such situations. Because back then I usually asked myself how much I sucked and how things could get even worse now. Oftentimes I need a bit of time to process the thoughts and feelings that arise in situation before I can do that. Who you choose to spend your time with and the input you get from further away like the TV, the internet and magazines will have a huge effect on your outlook. To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down. Consider the answers. Then think about how you can start spending less time with one of those people or information sources this week. Stress builds up. Negative thoughts about just about anything start to well up and I feel like my own personal power decreases. But if I slow down just for a few minutes — even if I have to force it by walking, talking and eating slower — then my mind and body calms down too. It becomes easier to think things through clearly again and easier to find the optimistic and constructive perspective. And so a molehill can become a big and terrifying mountain in your mind. Sometimes you may want to take a chance in life.

10 Rules to Live By Those Who Want to Live a Positive Life

Be comfortable in your own lige. The first step to becoming happy is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Everyone was born with a flaw. No one is perfect. Accept Foxy lady cinema with what you're born with whether it be your background, your skin, your nose, your eyes, your hair, your freckles, your breast, or the size of your private part. You have to accept yourself for who you are and love yourself. It is the number one happiness killer. Because if you are not comfortable in your own skin, this becomes your biggest concern that stays on the top of your mind everyday -- it kills your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and the happiness that comes from within.

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How to live a positive and happy life. 8 Tips more positive living

Positive living requires the ability to separate the positive from the oive. In many cases, you will not have to work too hard to eliminate the negativity from your life. When you focus on positive living, you attempt to fix your focus on the positive aspects of your life. When you manage to focus on the positive, many of the negative aspects of your life will just disappear, without requiring any specific attention from you. However, there are always some instances where it can be quite difficult to stop yourself from running to the negative. This is simple human nature. It is something which we have been programmed to do over the years e. However, just because you have been programmed to focus on negativity; it does not mean that you wnd to stay that way. With raised awareness, you can make a concerted effort to redress the balance and live a life based on positive living. Rather than feel bad about the excessive negativity in your life, you can choose to do something about it.

Attitude is a decision

I am constantly striving to see the positive in every aspect of my life. My dog is currently suffering from a disease from which she will never recover. My mind is still trying to adjust to my relatively new schedule of running Positively Present full time.

Done, fertig, kaputt! If he or she needs information then help out by checking it up on Google or asking a friend of yours. The princess is in another castle and nobody is gonna save her but you high lief if you get this reference.

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Be positive even when you don’t feel like being positive. Try to stay as consistent as possible. Don’t be nice to the people you work with and then come home and treat your kids like shit. Be there for the little things in your kid’s lives. We all have positive attributes, and it’s up to you to remind yourself of them every day. Step Five: Share Positivity with Others. Not only do you need to be positive with yourself for this training to really take effect, but you need to be positive with others. You have to share your wealth of positivity . Leading a positive life is a must, if you want to cope with the day to day challenges. A life full of negativities, worries and mental blocks can help you get ill more quickly. And it is not that worrying or being negative will change things. Sometimes, the only thing you have with you is your Author: Sally Yolanda.

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